Monday, October 29, 2007

8 Things. . .

Well from my lovely friend Steph, I have been tagged to share 8 things that people may not know about me... I will do my best- this is hard. My life is sort of an open book to anyone interested! :)

1.) I am a really bad backseat driver.... It annoys Brian to all end.

2.) My family often refers to me as "Did you know" because I am always quizzing them on history or sharing with them new interesting facts- by saying.. "did you know....etc.".

3.) I am in LOVE with Chinese history- it absolutely fascinates me.

4.) Riding horses and long boarding by myself is when my soul feels free.

5.) Brian and I were engaged only 6 month after met!! Yikes!

6.) I wish I could spend everyday by the ocean.

7.) I am afraid of dying...

8.) If you tell me something and ask me not to tell anyone... In my head that means: "Do not tell anyone but Jami!" :)

Thursday, October 25, 2007

This is all new. . .

Well this is fun... Steph and Ivory have gotten me to do this! I hope everyone enjoys it. I will work on updating it- slowly but surely- in between my homework!