Friday, August 22, 2008

Have another Beer In Mexico...

Well all... The time has officially come and we (Jami, Dan, Brian and I) are leaving on a jet plane for the blue ocean on Monday. I seriously could come out of my skin with excitement!!! We have been waiting months for this trip; it is going to be the time of our lives! What fun. It is going to be SO fun- spending it with 3 of my most favorite people. Not to worry- there will be millions of photos to follow. But sadly, I go back to no life with grad school starting back up the moment we get back. This 9 week break from school has been the medicine I needed. I will ask for forgiveness in advance.. I have gotten approval from the Lead Faculty of our MBA program to double up my classes so I can officially graduate in May of 2009. SO... what that means is I will literally have no life at least until December when I get a short break for the holidays. God bless Brian- because school makes me grumpy! :) Mexico is a much needed break... I send my love to all who read. Chat with you soon.