Sunday, September 28, 2008

We were able to sneak away this weekend with Jami and Dan to Breckenridge. Can you tell we enjoy each others company?? We are 4 best friends that love being together. I love sharing such fabulous memories with my awesome husband (he is just too cute!!) and my outstanding bff Jami and Dan. It is so fun. But it was stunning in Breck. The fall colors were in full bloom. The weather was awesome, a sunny 70 degrees. We were able to bring up Tobias and Kingstin Bear. Sadly, Guinness had to stay home. He is just a big boy and the car ride would be too much for him. Speaking of big- he is up to 95lbs!!! That is a big boy. But do not feel too bad for Guinness- he spent 3 full days at doggie daycare (his fave). To say the least- we have two very tried puppies tonight. I hope you enjoy the photos. We live in an awesome state!!!!

Up at Hoosier Pass... we stopped up here for a bit. We "hiked" around and just enjoyed being up there.

On our hike... Yes I know- I am a mtn gal with my fur vest!

My awesome husband!

Mr. Kingstin Bear himself!!! My cute kid!

Tobias loving his life and relaxing in our room!

We stopped at the Breckenridge Brewery for beers!

Jim and I!

Brian and Dan on our walk back up to the hotel...

Bear got a hold of the Pringles can... as you can see- there is nothing really left. He was quite happy and loved being under the bed!

Breck in her glory...

The BRIGHT fall colors!!!

More colors...

To end our trip we drove to Vail for lunch and a little shopping. It is just stunning!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Mexico... My dear Friend.

So... it has been a bit since our trip... a month today we left! I am SO sad... time goes so quickly- but nonetheless is was a simply amazing trip. Truly one of the best trip I have taken- we just needed a bit more time. 10 days is in store for next year! Nothing could have been better, the hotel was simply oustanding, the grounds- absolutely gorgeous, the drinks- the best, the beach- amazing, the food- to die for, the company- absolutely priceless! Life should be like this... Spent with the ones you love most! Here are just a few of my favorite photos! I hope you enjoy them..

Just landing! Kissing was a must!!!

Just arriving!!! We were beyond excited!

Our glorious resting spots! 4 perfect chairs! I wish I was still there!

Our hotel... So beautiful.

Jami and I chillen' in the ocean. They had created this awesome thing that you could sit on out in the middle of the ocean. It was so refreshing.

Mexico.... You are stunning!

Brian and Dan went deep sea fishing and caught a few treasures!

Ah... cool???! It is sorta gross because it is so huge! But Dan was pretty stoked!

I love this photo of Jim and I...

Jami and I taking a quick photo opt at our hotel! I never really realize how much we look alike- but I think we really do in this photo!

We headed into Playa del Carmen and stopped off at Senior Frogs. It was a great time. The sign seem to fit us perfectly! Yep- both are very true. Well- not for Jami anymore but her glory days in college. And yes mine is still true.. Sorry Mom.. I know you hate it. ;op

Some good looken boys smoken Cubans in the evening...

My amazing husband and I before dinner. He is so handsome!

Can you guess what song was playing?? I will give you 4 hints!





Needless to say... we had so much fun during the day and at night!

The Mexico crew! Dan... I think you forgot your fanny pack!

Sadly... All good things come to an end.