Sunday, October 19, 2008

Mary Ann's 60th Birthday!!

It was a gorgeous fall weekend! The weather has been outstanding! We had so much fun celebrating Mary Ann's birthday! We giggled a lot, drank a lot, and ate a lot! It was so much fun BUT we missed two VERY important people... Julie and Scott! You were never far from our laughter and thoughts! You are so missed! Love you guys!!! Here are a few photos from the evening...

The birthday girl and her good friend Dawn.

Jenny and Mary Ann looking fabulous!

Jim doing what he knows best.. grilling!!! Yum!

Jason and I! I am sporting one of many new glasses Mary Ann got for her birthday!

The gorgeous view...

Colors of fall....

The Hopkins' girls minus one... JULIE!

Brian and Jason enjoying time on the deck...

Brian and I! Love the close up!

The craziness begins...

Anyone for a rootbeer barrel?? No thank you! One was enough for me!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Brian's Birthday!

For Brian's birthday, my gift to him was Bronco tickets. We sat in row 3- Club Level and it was so fun. Brian loved it. It was so different then a traditional gift; though they lost it was just fun and cold. Jami, Dan, and Miranda got tickets for the game as well. We were able to tailgate before. We were also able to meet up with Jason & Jenny and her folks, Jim (Brian's Dad) and Ron a family friend for a beer! It was so fun to see everyone. I think Brian really enjoyed his birthday!! It was so fun and we cannot wait to do it again!

Dan and Brian enjoying the Bronco tailgating!!!

Miranda, Jana, and I enjoying beer and hot coca!

Jim and I!!! Sporting the air-brushed Bronco horse!!

The Girls!!!! We look pretty damn good!

Dan and I.... Fun.


Happy Birthday Brian!!!!!

Too bad we lost... :(

In Honor of Rhonda

We all need to do our part... even small parts- reusable bags. Can you imagine how much one person will save? One Earth- that we will pass on to our kids. I never really thought about the simple things that we can do until Rhonda chatted with me about it. So she inspired me to do my part- i bought my bags and I think everyone should too!!! It is easy and responsible. Thank you Rhonda!!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

In the deepest moments. . .

I am sitting here in our living room- sipping on a perfect glass of red wine waiting for Brian to get home and I cannot help, but think about what happen a week ago. It has been on my mind all week. Last Friday evening, my parents neighbor, Bill, came home from a run and collapsed. Within 15 minutes he was gone.... Bill was only 58 years old, married to his wife, Donna for 38 years. My mind all week drifted toward her and her kids. Utter sadness has filled my heart, her whole life has changed in a matter of moments. They had the golden years ahead of them. Grandkids to spoil, a trip to Hawaii in Jan., a new winter home in AZ, retirement... and now she lives in a big house alone, waiting for Bill to come home. He was supposed to be in Washington D.C. this week and his suitcase is still sitting by their door. It has really hit home for me how precious life truly is and you never know when your last moments will be. Of course, we all hope to grow old and die peacefully in our sleep. But that is just not a reality for some of us. I love Brian more this week then I think I have. I cannot imagine my life without this man. He is my best friend, my hero, my strength, my lover, my shoulder to cry on. He is so giving, understanding and supportive. I cherish our quiet moments and still hours. I love my family more this week. I cherish Jami and who she is in my life more this week. She is my kindred spirit, my breath of fresh air, my solid ground and my best friend for all of my life. I cherish her honesty and her strenght. I cherish my parents and the love and support they have given Brian and I. Their gentleness, their prayers, and their advice; it has given so much life in my dark moments. They are one of my number 1 support while I am finishing my MBA program. Their encouragement and praise has spurred my spirit. I cherish Nick and the amazing brother and friend that he is. I cherish his gentle understanding and love. I appreciate his friendship and constant support. I cannot imagine my life without my family! I have 4 dear friends who read this blog, they are such dear friends of mine. They have gotten me through some of the hardest times in my life. They are true friends through and through. I want to live my life to the very fullest... and love the ones I cherish most. There is so much more to life..