Friday, June 12, 2009

One Hell of a Long Weekend!!

This last weekend was a blast! I believe it was much needed medicine for the heartache we have been dealing with! First and foremost... Brian and I celebrated our year #3 as a married couple on June 3rd! To all of you who have walked so closely with us over the last 3 years- understand that it was not a 'bed of roses' and quite the journey for us. But we are making it and we are so happy! Thank you for believing in us!
Our weekend started off with a Friday night concert at Red Rocks.. What gets better then Red Rocks in the summertime in Colorado? We caught O.A.R. for an awesome performance!! Amazing live! The next morning was followed by the GoodGuys Car show! One of my absolute favorite summer kick offs! I love this show and I am not even a huge car person. But these gems are a sight to see and the show gets better and better each year! We wander the car show for a couple of hours only to count down for a flight to Vegas in the early evening! Ah... Vegas!!! Brian and I had so much... seriously one of the best trips we have taken. We had so much fun... we were out late (2 am every night! that is a Hopkins world record!)... we drank too much.... ate too much... laughed too much... it was perfect! I am blessed everyday by how amazing my husband is! Love you Brian! So here are a few fun photos that captured our long weekend!!!

Red Rocks!!!

My cute husband!! I love the lady behind him! Sexy!!!

Most of the O.A.R. crew! So fun... Yep we drank a lot here too!

Miranda, Jami and I... Jana is peeking in too!

3 years!

'It's a BEAUT, Clark! A real Beaut!'

Check out this boat!!! I could hardly fit the whole thing in the photo! Love the flames.
Weld County Garage always has the beefy ones!! Note the doggie door!
Mom and Dad... This is a little slice of heaven for my dad! Beer, the summer sun, his 'girls' and hot cars! What more could a dad ask for?
This girl was a looker! I am a sucker for the 1920's gangst look... Man she is pretty. I would LOVE to cruise down the 17 mile highway in Pebble beach in this!!!! MWAH! It is money!
VEGAS!!!!!!!!!! We were at a club called Rok at NY NY... It was so fun.

Brian and his ladies!!!!! Hands off ladies... He is mine!

Love Vegas!!!!!!!!!!!!
The gardens in the Bellagio... It is always breath taking...
The Mr. and Mrs! Love the bag, Brooke! ;o)

The Las Vegas strip in all her glory... So fun!

Happy hour at Bent Fork!

Up close!!! Jim~ you are going to be a gorgeous bride!
Jami's love birds... assisting after a few cocktails! Hey, it happens!
Wedding hair?! Love it!

Something else to note... My brother, Nick turned 30 on June 4th. It was a very hard day for our family. I miss him more then words could express... and I wish more then anything that our family could have celebrated with him. Nick- I hope your day was special and I hope you know how much your family loves you and misses you... Happy Birthday. Love always your sister...