Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day Weekend

This how our summer weekends are spent- at mom and dad's house on the lake. Nothing beats a Sunday afternoon here. Awesome company, sunbathing, fishing, sailing, a cool drink in my hand, laughter, friendship and sometimes a little out of control. It is a little heaven on earth.

Our growing family (minus one... Brady- he was sleepin') Nick, Leanna, Mom, Dad, Me, Brian, Jami and Dan on Mom and Dad's patio. ...if you click on the photo you can see it better.

Mom and Dad- they are amazing people.

Nick and Mom... two of my favs!

My best friend....

Dad sailing on the lake with Brian. Toes hanging out- nothing beats it!

Tobias and Kingstin enjoying the sunset...

Gorgeous... Want to come over?? The door is always open and the company is sweet.

Mr. Guinness loving his new life. He is such a handsome boy.

The Boys... Dad, Brian and Dan (<- Trying to join the "inner circle"!)

New House Photos...

Hopkins style summer 2008! So I have been bugged enough and now here for your viewing pleasure are updated photos of our house.. Orange kitchen and all..

3924 Heatherwood Circle.

My first flowers ever! I am so proud! They really are gorgeous! (I am patting myself on the back as we speak!)

The formal living...

Burnt Orange! We really do love this color. For sure it is not for everyone but it is so fun and inviting.

The t.v. room upstairs... It needs paint so bad but I am sort of over painting. Hopefully in July.

Our room... the sun shining through makes it hard to see but our chocolate walls are awesome.

Always kiss me goodnight...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Festivals in Denver...

Last weekend there was an art festivals on Larimer Square. It was amazing. What was more amazing is all of the pieces are drawn on the street! It was so fun... and the evening was top off with a Rockies game- they won. . . shocker. ;op All is well with us. Brian is in Chicago for the week- intense training. Poor guy is working from 7am to 9:30 at night; never leaving the 55th floor of the JP Morgan Chase building. They bring in breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I do not think I could do it... But the boys and I are home. Nothing too new. Trying to fight off a cold and I am putting off writing my paper. ::::::summer break I really need you:::::::

So neat.

She was gorgeous... This lady was an incredible artist.
Mr. Ledger..
After the song "Yellow" (which I love) by Cold Play. It brings back so many awesome memories of Maui...
Do you recognize this car??

Yeah... it is a Maybach- worth more then my HOME, nearly one and a quarter more. I do not know if you can see the price... but it retails at $410,000. It is a f*%$ing CAR! The gentleman showing the car asked if we had any questions... we politely said "no" :)

Such a fun game...

My protectors while Brian is gone. Guinness (I think) really loves his new family. He fits in just fine...
And of course... my cute Kingstin Bear... he is so my baby.

Summer Lovin'

Summer is here... thank goodness. Nothing suits this girl better then the hot sun on my skin, my amazing family and of course a cool drink in my hand... Here are a few fun photos we have taken the past few weekends! Enjoy! This is the time of my life...

Jim and I on the way to the GoodGuys Car Show!

Dad looking at a fancy old car! Love the orange... It matches our kitchen!

Mom and her girls standing in front of an old vet'...

CHERRY! This was my car... it was so hot. I would love to spend a Sunday afternoon driving around in this baby...

These guys were so cool...radical to the core. They are from Weld County Garage. Their cars were beasty and fast! Kindly they stopped to pose for Jami and I.