Monday, December 15, 2008

Oh Baby Kingstin Bear!

Yes.. I did that and I think he is so cute. It is probably good that Brian and I do not have real children yet!!! Merry Christmas! Enjoy our littlest rudolph!!!

My Husband Tells Me I Have A Problem...

I like Santa... So shoot me! Personally, I do not think it is that bad... It could be worse.

This is Kingstin and Guinness 'cookie' jar! And how cute is he? This is 'Cookie Jar Santa'

Classic Santa from Jami and I's college days.. We'll call him 'Hobbit Santa' after the street we lived on..

Oven Santa

Even our tree is lined with Santa.. 'tree skirt Santa'

Candy Santa

Long Legs Santa

Christmas Tree Santa

ho ho ho Santa

I love this Santa... I bought him last year on close out! We'll call him 'close out Santa' or maybe 'good deal Santa'

Oh... and he is new this year! 'new this year Santa'

Years ago Santa

Super Chubby Santa...

Oh I like this Santa... Bought him at Hobby Lobby! We'll call him 'Happy Mtn Santa'

Sparkle Wall Santa

1980's Santa... From my childhood Santa..

Skiing Santa

Santa and his brothers....

'Walmart Santa'... I bought him at of course Walmart during Jami and I's college days.. Gosh I think I need more Santa...