Thursday, November 22, 2007

Something to be truly Grateful for. . .

Brian and I are spending the Thanksgiving holiday at my parent's house this year. It was one of those times last night, as Jami and I were sipping on a glass of wine with my mom in their living room. Chatting about this, that and the other- while Brian and my dad were outside grilling wings. We thought Tobias and Kingstin were with them and they thought the boys were with us. When we finally realized the boys were not in the house- peer panic set in. Tobias and Kingstin were not home. In absolute horror, the back gate was slightly open and tiny foot prints led out in the fresh fallen snow- only to disappear in the brush that surrounds the lake they live on. It was 19 degrees out, 8 o'clock at night and my parent's live near a busy highway- 392. Without a coat, I ran out the back door to the highway- only praying that I would not find them up there. Jami ran out the door. . . Brian ran up the hill- were the local coyotes call home- my dad ran in the opposite direction of Jami. We had no idea how long they had been gone and all I could hear was my family calling out our dogs names. My heart sank as I reached the highway- they were not there. Sadness, tears, panic and heartache thinking we had to find them tonight or they would not make it through the night in the single digit temps. I was still running around the lake, when I heard my dad yelling MY name. He found them. . . They were safe at home. I just began to cry. He had found them in the neighborhood above my parent's home- running in the snow- playing with eachother. It was a miracle we found them.

Monday, November 19, 2007

The Christmas holiday is here. . .

Can you believe it? Christmas is here. It is ringing through the stores we walk through, everywhere you look. It is wild, I love it. Brian and I did put up our holiday decor this weekend. It makes the house so warm and fun, but where the heck has 2007 gone???

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Happy 1st Birthday Kingstin Bear!!!!

Our little guy turned one today! He is so much fun and will be the only baby in this house for quite sometime! Happy Birthday, Bear! :)

Friday, November 9, 2007

Happy November!

Morning everyone! Nothing too new or exciting to report on the Hopkins front. Brian did just get back from a week long trip hunting adventure with his Dad. No dead animals for this household! (thank god) To be very honest, I do not think my husband even shot his gun! I married quite the hunter.
Grad school is off and running. Regis is a fabulous university and I am really enjoying being back in school. I finished my first class, 4.0 A+. Not to shabby. Now I am in the 3 week of my second class. It has been overwhelming being back in school but all seems to be working out just fine. I am getting a lot of help from some awesome people! Thank you Brian, Beth and Sarah! You are guys are awesome.